Shared Residency Benefits Children

There is an increasing trend of separating parents who seek to have the children spend equal time with both parents.   A recent study found that children in shared residency situations have fewer psychological problems.  If You Want To Help Young Kids After Divorce, Share Custody Of Them: Study

Shared residency, joint custody and other collaborative parenting requires measures of cooperation between parents.  It is important for separating parents to remember that they will need to have a long term relationship with the other parent if they want to have shared residency or joint custody, and avoid the type of conflicts or the type of disagreements that would make these sorts of future parenting plans impossible.

Other practical considerations are school district rules and work schedules.  Some parents who want shared residency find it impossible because they cannot find a residence in the children’s school district, or because their work schedule and shift work makes it impossible to reasonably find child care during work hours.

Preschool children living in joint physical custody arrangements show less psychological symptoms than those living mostly or only with one parent

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