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Separation and Divorce

Separation and Divorce are never easy. We offer frank legal advice and represent your best interest before, after and during your separation and divorce. We can assist out of court with separation agreements, through mediation and negotiation and prepare and represent you in court.

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Child Custody & Parenting

Decisions about who will parent the children and when, and who will make decisions for the children are often difficult and conflict prone. We can help you create a parenting plan that puts the children’s best interest at the forefront. If you and your partner can not agree about these decisions through negotiation or mediation we can assist with representing you in court.

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Property Division

Getting advice early about your property dispute with a former partner is key to a successful property negotiation. We assist clients in determining business valuation issues, disputes over real estate values, pension division, business interests, and equalization of net family properties.

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Child and Spousal Support

Having proper support in place is key to reducing your risk in a separation or divorce. Economic uncertainty may delay or derail an early settlement of your marital or cohabitation dispute. Determining the parties’ incomes are key in setting support. Income reports may be required for the self-employed. We will assist you throughout the negotiation process, and represent you in court.

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