Ontario Court Fees Rising

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General increased court fees effective April 1, 2019, in a move towards bringing fees closer to “full cost recovery” according to the CBC.   The specific increases vary, however, the largest fee increases are for booking a trial.

In family matters:

  1. filing an application, fee increased from $157.00 to $202.00;
  2. filing an answer, fee increased from $125.00 to $161.00;
  3. filing an answer with request for divorce, fee increased from $157.00 to $202.00;
  4. placing Application on trial list, fee increased from $280.00 to $420.00;
  5. summons a witness, fee increased from $19.00 to $31.00;
  6. issue a certificate, fee increased from $19.00 to $24.00; and
  7. forwarding papers documents and exhibits, fee increased from $65.00 to $99.00.

Court fees are often less than legal fees, however, these costs all add up over the length of a proceeding.  The increased fees at the commencement of a proceeding may cause individuals to avoid court.  The increased fees for trail may discourage applicants from setting down for trial.  All of the fees make it harder for low income families to access the court system.

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