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Preparing for Divorce and Separation

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Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process, but it is important to be prepared and informed to make the process as smooth as possible. You don’t have to do this alone. Preparing for divorce or separation will make the process easier for you and your family.

Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce

Jennifer Weiner in her novel Fly Away Home.

Here are some steps to take when preparing for divorce:

  1. Gather important documents: It is essential to gather and organize all important documents related to your marriage, including marriage certificate, bank statements, tax returns, mortgage statements, credit card statements, and any other relevant financial documents.
  2. Identify assets and debts: Create a comprehensive list of all your assets and debts, including real estate, bank accounts, investments, vehicles, and personal property. This will help you determine how to divide your property and debts in the divorce settlement.
  3. Consider child custody and parenting arrangements: If you have children, it is important to consider the custody and parenting arrangements that will be in the best interest of your children. Think about what kind of parenting schedule you would like, such as shared residency or sole residency, and create a plan for parenting time. Think about both of your work schedules and how the children will be cared for throughout each day. Think about what community supports are available to make your plan work.
  4. Consult with a lawyer: It is important to consult with a family law lawyer who can provide you with legal advice and guidance throughout the divorce process. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and obligations, negotiate with your spouse, and represent you in court if necessary.
  5. Research local resources to assist in the process. Often help is a phone call away.
  6. Be prepared for emotional challenges: Divorce can be emotionally challenging, and it is important to take care of your mental health and well-being during this time. Consider seeking support from family, friends, or a therapist.

Preparing for divorce can be overwhelming, but taking these steps can help make the process easier and more manageable. If you have questions or concerns about divorce or separation, contact Windsor family law lawyers Tanya McNevin or Thomas MacKay today by calling 519-259-1820. We serve clients in Windsor, Tecumseh, Lasalle, Essex, Leamington, Kingsville, Belle River, Lakeshore, and throughout southern Ontario.